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Grace Christian School was founded in 1976. Pastor Wally Morillo, and the staff at  Grace Community Church, saw a need for Christian Education and character building for  young people. Our principal, Mr. Bob Logan, has been serving Grace Christian School since  1979.Each morning, classes begin by reciting pledges to the American flag, the Christian  flag, and the Bible. The classes then recite their Bible memory verses, pray, and have  morning devotions in the Word of God.  On Wednesdays, the students attend Chapel  Services. Pastors, missionaries, and other Christian evangelists come to encourage and  challenge our students to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.


Grace Christian School is a “Model Status School” using the Accelerated Christian  Education (ACE) curriculum. ACE is a Bible based curriculum that is tailored to each individual  student and proceeds at each student’s own pace. New students are carefully diagnosed to  ensure a proper level of curriculum. Our core curriculum includes Math, English, Word  Building (spelling), Literature and Creative Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Our students  develop their typing skills on our Typemaster Program and their vocabulary and speed  reading skills on our Readmaster Program.





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